Whitehouse, Texas

Whitehouse is a small community just south of Tyler on Highway 110.  According to the 2000 census, there were approximately 5,300 people living within the city limits.  As of 2006, that number has grown to around 7,300.  Of course, there are many more homes and subdivisions in the surrounding area...just outside of the city limits!

The community was founded long before the city was officially incorporated.  The community was named in 1845, but was not incorporated until 1953.  According to oral tradition, the community was named "Whitehouse" by the railroad engineers who stopped near a white-washed community building during early settlement times.  Several cherished historic resources include the various Works Progess Administration (WPA) projects located within the city.  These projects, typically built with sandstone rockwork, are found throughout the city's historic Town Center.

Whitehouse ISD was voted the 2007 Best Public School System in:

BSCENE Magazine

There are many businesses located in Whitehouse and though it is close to Tyler, it is really a stand-alone community!

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