Mineola, Texas

Founded in 1873, Mineola was in the heart of the East Texas timber belt, timber was plentiful for railroad tiemaking and lumber.  Highway improvement, the Magnolia Pipeline Company gas line, and the establishment of a railroad terminal caused growth during the 1920s, and the discovery of oil in parts of Wood County and construction of a T&P railroad shop spurred the economy during the 1940s.  By 1930 the population was 3,000, and by 1970 it was 4,000. Diversified farming gave way to cattle raising and watermelon crops by 1950.  The Mineola Watermelon Festival began in 1948. Subsequently, sweet-potato farming, a creamery, a nursery, and a company that supplies poles and pulpwood to the telephone company helped the economy.

The population of Mineola in 1990 was 4,321.  The 2005 estimates put the city's population around 5,600.

In 1989 Mineola was designated a "National Main Street City" and more than seven million dollars has been spent renovating central business district buildings.  So downtown Mineola is again a flourishing center of commerce. Buildings reflect the history of the area and the artistry and craftsmanship of bygone eras.  Decorative cast-iron columns from the turn of the century stand next to Carrara  glass facades of the 1930's; ornate architectural details under building eaves contrast with the simple lines of classical revival style. The streets are lined with period lamp posts which provide a peaceful escape to stroll at your leisure in Historic Downtown Mineola.
Hotels built in the heyday of the railroads, as well as several historic homes, have been renovated and are centers of activity, serving as charming bed and breakfast inns and unique retail locations. Situated among more than 20 antique stores are specialty shops which feature dolls, clocks, vintage clothing, furniture, glassware, primitive and collectibles. Craft malls have items created by local craftsmen and artists. Mineola flourishes as a relaxing fun weekend get away.

Mineola is becoming well known and popular for its many cultural activities.  Artists, sculptors, potters, musicians, writers, photographers, actors and other artists and artisans have created a cultural Mecca in Mineola.

The 80 year-old Select Theatre is the oldest continuous operating theatre in the state of Texas and offers first run films on weekends. The Lake Country Playhouse, an award-winning live-drama group, headquartering at the Select, offers live productions at least 12 weekends a year.

Historic Mineola is a place where train whistles blow like wind chimes and where hellos and strangers are still commonplace... where you can play horseshoes down by the gazebo or catch bass 'til the sun sets. Stroll through the Piney Woods of Mineola where, magically, time stands still. REST, RELAX, AND RENEW! (excerpted from City of Mineola website)

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