Lindale Texas

The area of Smith County where Lindale sits was inhabited by the Caddo Indians long before the town was founded in 1871.  Elijah Lindsey, anticipating growth around the new railroad, opened the new community's first general store in 1871; Lindsey was elected the town's first mayor a year later.

Several stories abound locally about how Lindale got its name, but the most common is that Lindsey's name was combined with the suffix "dale" to form "Lindseydale." The name was shortened to Lindale in 1874 when the first post office opened in town.

A year later, the railroad extended its line through Lindale and the town's fledgling canning and fruit packing industries took off.  By the late 1880s, some 300 people lived in the town, which was gaining fame for its fruit and berry canning industry.

Several non-profit religious ministries (including Teen Mania Ministries, Mercy Ships, Last Days Ministries, and Youth With A Mission) either are or were located near Lindale.

In 2000, the census showed Lindale with around 3,000 people living within the city limits; however, with much growth along the I-20 and US-69 corridors, the current population is well over 5,000.  Quick access to the interstate allows people to commute easily to Dallas or Shreveport for business.  Therefore if you are looking to move to the East Texas area, why not consider a small community with that hometown-feel?  Consider Lindale!

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