Bullard Texas

Bullard is a town in northern Cherokee and southern Smith Counties.  Located about 12 miles south of Tyler, the population was 1,150 at the 2000 census.

Bullard was earlier known as Etna and Hewsville.  The town is named for John H., a Confederate soldier, and Emma Eugenia (Erwin) Bullard.  In 1881, John Bullard opened the Hewsville post office in his store.  In 1883 the Etna post office, near Hewsville, was closed.  Then the Hewsville office was renamed Bullard.  Many rural residents in northern Cherokee County are served by the Bullard post office.  The bypassing of the railroad brought about the demise of Etna and the rise of Bullard.

Today, Bullard is a rapidly growing town that has experience over 40% growth since the 2000 census.  Several subdivisions have been developed and families are moving "out to the country" to get away from the "big city" of Tyler.

Peach Tree and Oak Hurst golf courses are nearby as well as the Kiepersol Restaurant and Winery.

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